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Knife sets Chronicles

An important step you must do is to test each kitchen knife. Try to feel each knife handle type. A best knife set must provide you with a grip that is secure and make you feel that you are the one in control. Some knife sets are very lengthy while some are very short that it will make you feel uncomfortable using it while preparing food. You must also check the knife’s blade and see to it that the blade is sharp and stainless steel. You will not be able to check its sharpness by using it on your finger on your own finger or someone else’ finger, however many shops have available food that you may test a knife with. If you plan to purchase your knife set from online shops, you must first visit a physical shop then check the actual knife before deciding to take out or key in the code numbers of your credit or debit card. Purchasing knife set online is cheaper, however you to make sure you have an idea of the product you are ordering before clicking your mouse on the order form.

When selecting the perfect knife set for your own kitchen, you may like to compare it with the actual knife set, then comparing the materials used on blade edge, blade, and handle. You may observe that some choices are better compared to others. You will most likely prefer the best ones over the other sets which do not have the quality you are searching for. You may as well want to check the types of knives included in knife set package being sold in order to make sure that you are paying for the specific knife type that you need for your cooking task.

Material of Blade :


Carbon steel knife – this knife is re-sharpened easily however it is vulnerable to stains and dust. Its blade should be cleaned properly, dried, and then lubricated after using.

Stainless steel knife – This knife requires being re-sharpened more often, however it is difficut to sharpen. It is highly corrosion-resistant type. It comes in affordable rate.

High carbon type stainless steel knife – This knife does not stain or discolor and is sharp edged.

Laminated knife – This knife is of high quality. It is typically made tougher compared to traditional knives, thus creating a more precise cutting ability property.

Titanium knife – This knife is lightweight and has less resistance to wear and tear. This usually comes in an expensive price, thus not a good option for a kitchen utensil.

Ceramic knife – This knife is light, very hard, and does not corrode easily. It needs special device for sharpening. It very delicate and will surely chip.

Plastic knife – This knife is not too sharp and is just commonly utilized for chopping or cutting vegetables or fruits.